Mobility Scooters Bournemouth

Mobility Scooters Bournemouth

Do you need help getting around? Are your current Bournemouth mobility scooters lumpy and bumpy and leaving you achy? If you’ve answered yes, our specialist chair technicians are the most qualified team to design and build the best mobility scooters Bournemouth can offer.  At Consolor, our motto is ‘Improving Posture, Encouraging Comfort’, so you can be sure that when you purchase our mobility scooters in Bournemouth, you’re purchasing the very best.

How do we select your perfect mobility scooter?

At Consolor we have access to mobility scooters from leading designers and manufacturers of wheelchair mechanics. Think of us as your Bournemouth mobility scooters fitting room.

With so many factors to think about when choosing the right mobility scooters in Bournemouth for you, it’s hard to know where to start.

For many, Bournemouth mobility scooters are essential for everyday life. Without them, their independence and quality of life is severely reduced. With so many varying degrees of disability, our mobility scooters in Bournemouth are adapted and moulded to fit your uniqueness and individuality.

That means we don’t just take your posture and skeletal shape when we select your Bournemouth mobility scooter, we also consider your daily life, routines and hobbies so you’re comfortable wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Click here to access our huge catalogue of wheelchairs available for those in need of our Bournemouth mobility scooters.

We are certain there will be a wheelchair that matches your preference.

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We also know that like choosing a car, everyone has different tastes and preferences.  You may be a want your Bournemouth mobility scooters to be built for speed, or you may like getting out and about in the countryside and need a Bournemouth mobility scooter with a bit more suspension.

Below are just a few of the best available mobility scooters Bournemouth can offer:

Salsa M2

Compact turning circles for tight manoeuvrability- great for weaving in and out of furniture. Perfect for those who like getting out and about for a bite to eat, these Bournemouth mobility scooters can slide right under a restaurant table.

Storm 4

Storm 4 is great for those after a top quality driving experience. Key points include this Bournemouth mobility scooter’s superior suspension and traction, making it great for those who like to get out and about on their mobility scooter – Bournemouth and its surrounding areas have so much to offer!

Jive Up standing wheelchair

With so many varying degrees of disability, we think it’s important that we supply mobility scooters in Bournemouth that cater for those who are still able to stand with additional support.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

The Consolor mobility scooter Bournemouth service

Once you have chosen perfect mobility scooters in Bournemouth with your preferred mechanics, our multidisciplinary team of experts will craft a seat that moulds entirely to your shape. Inclusive in this team are your parents and carers who aside from you, know you best!

Our seat moulding assessment service can be simplified into the steps below.

  • Assess your social and environmental needs
  • Assess your physical needs – posture etc
  • A mould is taken of your seating position using a bean bag and high risk pressure areas are identified
  • A 3D model is then crafted of the client’s imprint and a wire mesh template is produced

To see a full description of how our experts can create the best mobility scooters Bournemouth seats, click here.

More about Consolor

We have 6 members in our mobility scooters Bournemouth team who are scientists and specialists in the field of clinical seating. Their expertise will give you complete piece of mind when choosing your mobility scooter and you will be in the best hands mobility scooters Bournemouth has to offer.

Our mobility scooters Bournemouth service is thorough. We know the comfort of your Bournemouth mobility scooter’s seat can make a massive difference to your quality of life. But we also know that it’s not just our mobility scooters Bournemouth service you need.

With so many complications to your daily life, we want to facilitate you even more, which is why we have mechanics that can help you with other lifestyle related necessities, in addition to mobility scooters in Bournemouth such as:

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With so many disabilities cared for at Consolor, get in touch with our team now and find out how we can help you.



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