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Are you looking for the perfect lightweight wheelchair to get you out and about? With a huge range of both manual and automatic wheelchairs in stock, we are the south’s number one wheelchair specialist. Our knowledgeable team have the expertise to guide you to the right chair for you and will help to ensure that your chosen chair is comfortable and suited to your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Choosing a lightweight wheelchair in Bournemouth

With so many wheelchairs on the market, how do you know which one is right for Lightweight Wheelchair Bournemouthyou? Clients that come in requesting a Bournemouth lightweight wheelchair often like getting out and about, so a wheelchair that is light to push and easily collapsible is the perfect choice. When it comes to designing a lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth, a nifty, fast folding frame is the most desirable attribute, but it’s also incredibly important that strength and durability are never compromised.

When you choose Consolor for your lightweight wheelchair in Bournemouth, we’ll make sure you know the specifications of each of the chairs we have available, so you can choose the chair that best matches your lifestyle and will suit your needs.  Below are a couple of examples of our Bournemouth lightweight wheelchairs:

  • Xenon2 SA – The lightest wheelchair in the world, with compact folding dimensions
  • Iris – possibly the lightest weight tilt in space wheelchair
  • Action 4 – easily foldable for transportation, yet provides great performance

But it’s not only the weight, frame and usability that’s important when considering a lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth. When you’re sitting in a chair for long periods of time, your comfortableness is paramount, which is why when you purchase a lightweight chair Bournemouth from Consolor, you have the option of choosing a bespoke seat.

Our seating options for our Bournemouth lightweight wheelchairs

When we meet our clients for the first time to discuss what they would like from their lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth, the first point on the checklist is always comfortableness.

When you purchase a lightweight wheelchair in Bournemouth, we can supply a bespoke seat which we can mould exactly to your form. Using modern technology, we will complete a lengthy assessment to assess the way in which your body positions itself. Our team of experts can then manufacture a seat that consists of a negative imprint of your body, so when you come to use your lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth, it will be like slotting into an exceptionally comfortable 3D jigsaw piece.

Perhaps one of our most recommended seats for those after a lightweight wheelchair in Bournemouth is our UNO modular seating. It’s incredibly lightweight, which doesn’t affect its support structure or stability. In fact, it’s perfect for those who have severe postural needs.

It is designed and made in-house, and those who choose our UNO modular seating for their Bournemouth lightweight wheelchair can benefit from:

  • Pressure relief mechanisms
  • Adjustable to accommodate growth
  • Lightweight and easy to remove

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We also have a variety of other seating available, so when you have a consultation with one of our specialists, they will be able to recommend the right seating for your Bournemouth lightweight wheelchair. They include:

Why should you choose a chair from Conolor?

We are on a mission to provide the disabled community with the most innovatively designed automatic, manual and lightweight wheelchairs in Bournemouth. We believe each wheelchair should be provided with a comfortable and adaptable bespoke seat.  We have invested time and money into developing the best seating designs available, not just for a lightweight wheelchair Bournemouth, but for other wheelchair designs too.

Our products include a huge range of chairs, equipment and accessories designed to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from severe disabilities.  At Consolor we have four core values which emanate our passion for delivering high-quality products with a superior service. They include:

  • Experience and quality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Approachable

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