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Flurve – our custom contoured armchair – is specially tailored to each client’s body shape, ensuring the ultimate in pressure relief, support and positioning.

Benefits of Flurve

  • Offers excellent pressure relief and postural management
  • Very accurate shape replication ensuring optimum comfort and fit
  • Tilt-in-space and backrest recline feature available
  • Any shape can be achieved making it ideal for the accommodation of severe postural shapes
  • Different combinations of foam can be used to provide the required levels of pressure relief and support, plus additional memory foam, gel and air inserts can also be integrated
  • Range of colours available in breathable spacer fabric for added comfort

Our technology enables us to use your individual measurements to create a range of fully bespoke products, from lying supports to hygiene seats and much more. So if we have already assessed you for a seat in your wheelchair then we can use that data to make you a Flurve, with no need to reassess.