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The Carseat Pro is similar in design to the Delfi Pro. The Carseat provides excellent postural positioning and therefore comfort and safety in the car!


The base allows seat depth adjustment of 10cm, as well as leg length discrepancy and accommodation of abduction and adduction of the legs. The adjustable pre-ischial bars or “seat pocket” provides excellent pressure distribution for excellent comfort and to help keep the child’s bottom back in the seat and avoid “submarining” or sliding out of the seat.


The back is adjustable in height by 10cm to allow for growth for the child. The lateral thoracic supports adjust in height, width and angle so that they can support the child’s trunk in the optimal position for maximum comfort and safety.

Head Support

There is a choice of headrests which provide varying amounts of support a forehead band can also be fitted for clients that are not able to hold their heads up into the headrest.