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We offer head supports in a range of styles to provide varying levels of support as well as comfort.

Our cost effective solutions offer support, adjustability and functionality.

Pro SAS Headrest

The Pro SAS (Swing Away Slim) Headrest provides unrivalled support and head control.

The easy adjustability ensures increased stability whilst the padded laterals provide the ultimate comfort.

Available with one or both laterals.

Product Codes:

Pro SAS headrest with left & right laterals: CS-PRO-SL-SALR-#
Pro SAS headrest with left lateral: CS-PRO-SL-SAL-#
Pro SAS headrest with right lateral: CS-PRO-SL-SAR-#
Pro Slim headrest, no laterals: CS-PRO-SL-#

Contour Adjustable Headrest

The Contour Adjustable Headrest offers functionality and versatility as it can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of the user. The contours provide either a flat surface or a deep contoured fit, ensuring all head support needs can be met and maintained.

Product Code: CS-CAHS-#

Consolor Standard Headrest

The Consolor Standard Headrest is available in 1”, 2” or 3” deep curves, providing variable levels of contoured support.

Product Codes and Dimensions:

Consolor Standard 1”

Small – CS-HSS-1-# (w: 330mm, d: 25mm, h: 75mm)
Large – CS-HSL-1-# (w: 400m, d: 25mm, h: 100mm)

Consolor Standard 2”

Small – CS-HSS-2-# (w: 300mm, d: 50mm, h: 75mm)
Large – CS-HSL-2-# (w: 380m, d: 50mm, h: 100mm)

Consolor Standard 3”

Small – CS-HSS-3-# (w: 280mm, d: 75mm, h: 75mm)
Large – CS-HSL-3-# (w: 350m, d: 75mm, h: 100mm)

Further Information

When ordering your chosen style of headrest, please replace ‘- #’ with your preferred mounting hardware. To view the available options, click here .

Please note, Pro SAS and Contour Adjustable Headrests are only available with either a Straight Vertical with Ball Joint or Swan Neck Vertical with Ball Joint.

Pro Small

Offering discrete, posterior & occipital support.

Width: 230mm, depth: 50mm, height: 160mm

Product Code: CS-PRO-S-#

Pro Medium

Offers good lateral support with dropped wings.

Width: 280mm, depth: 90mm, height: 200mm

Product Code: CS-PRO-M-#

Pro Anti-Roll

Offers good lateral support with curved back edges.

Width: 340mm, depth: 100mm, height: 210mm

Product Code: CS-PRO-AR-#

Materials & Upholstery

All Consolor manufactured head supports are constructed from 6mm black PVC, with the exception of our Anti-Roll head supports, which are slightly thicker.

All head supports come with a cover, which are made from black soft knit with inbuilt padding. The extra layer of padding ensures a firm yet comfortable head support.

Standard head support covers close with a draw cord, whilst Pro head support covers have a zip.

Mounting your headrest to the wheelchair

Our range of head supports come with various types of mounting hardware, which can be viewed on our head support brochure.

Whether its one of our off-the-shelf products or a bespoke head support to meet your needs, we are sure we can accommodate your needs.

Consolor Arm Supports

Consolor offers various arm supports which can be fitted to any wheelchair’s existing armrest metalwork by removing the standard armrest pad.

Ergonomic Arm Trough
Ergonomic arm troughs are designed to fit the natural arm curvature, and feature a unique cut-out at the elbow to provide users with flexibility of various arm positions.

It is made from moulded, skinny polyurethane, and incorporates a triple track extrusion to allow a variety of mounting positions/angles.

Ergonomic Hand Pad Kit

The hand pad kit is designed to fit to the ergonomic arm trough. It provides a flat surface for the hand and fingers to be supported in a neutral relaxed position. It is made from the same materials as the ergonomic arm trough.

Elevating Swivel Unit

The elevating swivel unit allows for easy horizontal and angle adjustments. The unit can be mounted on the right or left side, but in the standard configuration it is prepared for mounting on the right side.

It allows for a much wider range of armrest positions compared to using standard armrest mounting. This is useful for example when the armrests need to be positioned inwards in a relaxed position. Using the swivel unit, the armrests can be adjusted quickly to allow ease of access to and from the seat, without having to remove the armrests completely.

The forearm angle can be set to 0°, 12.5°, or 25°, whilst horizontal rotation is adjustable in approximately 15° intervals. The unit can also be set to rotate freely through 180°.

Attention: Using the elevating swivel unit raises the height of the armrest by approximately 3cm.

Please note: The Elevating Swivel Unit is an optional extra, and is NOT required to use the Ergonomic Arm Troughs.

Lateral Posterior Arm Supports

Lateral posterior arm supports are named such because they provide a lateral and posterior block to encourage the client’s arms to be positioned neutrally, and to discourage extension.

The arm supports come with a padded darted cover inside, and a durable vinyl layer on the outside. This provides an easily wipeable surface, that is both soft and durable.
These arm supports are custom-made to your required dimensions, to allow optimum arm positioning for each individual.

At Consolor, we produce trays in a number of different sizes, shapes, and materials. We can also manufacture custom trays to your exact requirements.


Our trays are made from either smooth black PVC (satin finish), or clear acrylic (high gloss finish).

Trays come in several sizes; the size determines not only the tray size, but also the cut-out size, and the available width adjustment.

The cut-out shape can be curved or rectangular, depending on the client and chair requirements.

If you require an unusual tray size or shape, or have other special requirements, by specifying the required dimensions we can make the tray to fit your chair.


If required, trays can be constructed with elbow extensions up to 5″ to provide greater arm and elbow support. Additionally, trays can have either 45 or 90 degrees edge shaping, which helps to stop items rolling off the tray.

Tray top padding is also available for improved comfort. Available in either ⅓ or full padding, it consists of a double foam layer for increased support & longevity, and a removable cover that is easily wiped and washable.

Mounting system

Trays are mounted with horizontal or vertical tubes depending on the chair, armrests, and available mounting tubes. Vertical tubes are used where possible to give additional vertical tray adjustment.

The Consolor range of harnesses and postural belts has been designed to offer comfort and functionality, as well as the best in postural support.

The range offers varying levels of support and positioning, and can be adjusted to meet the varying needs of the user.

Made of soft neoprene pads and backed with breathable spacer fabric, all harnesses have webbing sewn directly on to them so there are no buckles, providing optimum comfort and support.


Offers targeted support over one shoulder, helping to control and reduce shoulder/trunk rotation.

Sizes available: small, medium, large

y harness drawing Consolor

Dynamic Butterfly Harness

Provides flexible trunk support to maximise comfort.

Sizes available: small, medium, large

dynamic butterfly harness drawing consolor

Shoulder Harness

The shoulder and trunk is fully supported maximising postural stability.

Sizes available: small, medium, large

shoulder harness drawing Consolor

Dynamic Chest Band

Featuring large pads that provide maximum trunk stability as well as comfort.

Sizes available: medium, large

Pelvic Belt

Available as either a 2-Point or 4-Point belt, the Consolor Pelvic Belt is designed to provide firm but comfortable pelvic support and positioning.

Sizes available: small, large

For harness and belt dimensions and product codes please take a look at the product leaflet.

Shoulder Harness Mounting

Offers height and lateral adjustment for correct positioning of harnesses over the client’s shoulders. Allows the setting and fitting of the back support and shoulder harness height independent of each other.

Mounts to the vertical headrest tube (1/2” square).


Consolor Harness and Pelvic Belt Product Leaflet

Consolor Fabric and Upholstery Product Leaflet