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We use the optimal combination of cushion and backrest in order to correct, accommodate and support your posture in the best way to suit you to maximise function while optimising comfort.

MaTRx Vi cushions are designed to provide comfort and skin protection for people at high risk of pressure problems. Additionally it provides very good postural positioning through its anatomically contoured surface.

V-Trak back supports are available in many shapes and sizes and are very configurable in position and contourable shape. The V-Trak backs’ modular construction and integral lateral supports can be adjusted to suit you depending on your size, shape and postural position within your chair.

MaTRx Elite Backs provide precise orientation within the wheelchair for optimal postural support. The attractive lightweight design appeals to users with active lifestyles. Available to suit users with trunk widths from 8″ to 20″ and in heights from 10″ to 20″, in depths of 3″ or 6″.