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As part of a 24 hour postural management programme, appropriate equipment is needed to provide support which enables the client to stay in an appropriate position. We can provide off the shelf and custom-made lying supports.

Vakucare/Vakuform body positioning system

Vakuform/Vakucare lying supports comprise of a unique combination of vacuum technology and a highly flexible, neoprene material. It is possible to adjust the lying support to the optimum shape for the client even for the most extreme postural shapes. This lying support works where other off the shelf systems fail. It is just a one piece system that supports postures with maximum surface area contact thereby distributing forces, reducing or eliminating pressure at bony prominences and maximising surface contact, for a wriggle free, comfortable lying position.

Setting up

Air is pumped into the support to make it soft, it is then fitted to the body shape dynamically, and the air is then vacuumed out resulting in a firm support which is a perfect negative image of the body shape.


The adjustment of the cushion to the anatomical surface shape of the human body changes the ratio between weight and surface area thereby reducing the pressure load in ”at risk” areas because pressure is distributed more evenly across the whole surface. In contrast to conventional adjustable methods of inflexible materials, the highly flexible Vakuform products guarantee consistent, fast and problem free adjustments of the support to altered position or anatomical changes.


The positioning system contains stable, extremely fine polystyrene balls. The support is made of 3mm nylon-jersey coated neoprene. The cushion cover and the lining are made of different elastic woven-mesh spacer fabric material, to maintain an optimum microclimate at the client/support interface. Cushions and covers can be disinfected.

Custom lying support, Consolor

Custom Contoured Lying Support

The Custom Contoured Lying Support is ideal for maintaining the correct lying position, providing the ultimate in comfort, pressure distribution and support.

  • Great for ensuring that consistent, repeatable and correct positioning is achieved and maintained
  • Provides soft yet precise contoured support, maximising surface contact
  • Made of breathable foam for added comfort and hygiene
  • Upholstered in a range of colours, with soft and breathable spacer fabric

In the same way that we can carve and mould contoured seats for clients we can make lying supports for fully supportive positioning in prone, supine or side lying. We can mount these on wheelbases or they can be used on the floor, plinth or bed.

How it works:

The client’s shape is captured using a large vacuum moulding beanbag during an assessment. The shape can then be replicated in a large block of foam by Ronnie, our robot, at Consolor’s workshop in Bournemouth.

Modular Custom Contoured Lying Support

Custom Modular Lying Support

The Custom Contoured Lying Support is ideal for maintaining the correct lying position, providing the ultimate in comfort, pressure distribution and support.

  • Allows the support to be fitted around you or removed, while you are in bed.
  • This can make it easier for when the support is used for part of the night, allowing minimal disturbance.
  • This would be in conjunction with your existing mattress allowing you to continue to benefit from the pressure relief of your mattress but maximising postural positioning and support from the Consolor custom contoured modular lying support.