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Consolor can help you with your most challenging seating and positioning needs, and we pride ourselves on a client focused approach.

Glen in carved foam seat in Puma

Why Consolor

  • Client centred approach.
  • The widest selection of seating systems available.
  • Offload bony prominences to allow recovery of pressure sores.
  • Support and nurture growing, changing and developing children.
  • Seating systems can be made transferable between wheelchairs.

Consolor’s services are available through NHS wheelchair services, social services, and health departments, as well as available privately and through some charitable organizations.

Private Clients

In addition to working with NHS wheelchair services, charities, schools and colleges we also work with private clients. We can carry out an assessment at the clients home, or you can come and see us at Consolor. The full range of products that we have are available to private clients and we can also offer impartial advice on third party products: we are ideally placed (being independent) to advise on the most appropriate wheelchair for your needs. We can also, in many cases, supply the wheelchair along with the seat too, so Consolor can supply your complete seating and mobility system.

To read more about what our clients say about Consolor see our success stories.

Pressure mapping assessment, Consolor

“Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the new buggy. We took Max out after you left and he seemed even more happy than usual so I think it gets a big thumbs up from him too!
I think it’s easier to push than the last one and only marginally bigger so all in all it’s been a great purchase. I would thoroughly recommend it.
Thanks again for all your time and help”