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As part of our continued expansion we are seeking partnership in the manufacturing and distribution of our products. From manufacturing to upholstery, we can deliver a tailored service for you and your customers and we are offering you an exclusive opportunity to be a part of this.

We are able to facilitate training, tailored to your individual needs. The areas of knowledge that can be covered include postural management, seating and positioning, and client biomechanical assessments, including moulding.

Our advanced facilities, including a sophisticated robotic arm with a full 7-axis of movement, uses specialist CAD/CAM packages to expertly perfect the 3D models created using our 3D scanners. Our systems of precision and flexibility ensures all seating systems meet our exceptional quality standards.

The digital storage facilities also allows for the rapid and efficient reproduction of previously carved seats.

Consolor is a leading provider of specialist seating to various NHS Wheelchair Services throughout the UK and is renowned for its expertise within the field of Custom Contoured Seating Solutions.

If you are currently involved in the assessment or provision of Custom Contoured Solutions then we believe we can deliver you a previously unattainable partnership for the provision of Custom Contoured Seating Systems.

Click here to view and download our research paper on the integration of CAD/CAM manufacturing into an existing custom contoured seating clinical and manufacturing workflow..

To see how Consolor can deliver a tailored solution to you and your customers, please contact us directly on an assured confidential basis.