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An introduction to custom seating

It’s a really exciting time at Consolor as we manufacture and supply the largest range of custom-made seating systems in the UK.

Our supply includes moulded, carved, Matrix, Lynx and Vacuforms yet we are also able to combine any of these into ‘hybrid’ seating systems. What’s more, any of our custom seats have the ability to be transformed into dynamic seats. Dynamic seats include a back support that absorbs extensor thrusts.

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Clients who would benefit for a custom seat will usually have one of the following:

  • Postural asymmetries of the pelvis, trunk, and/or hips, with reduced flexibility.
  • Hypertonia or hypotonia, spasticity, or athetosis.
  • Reduced or absent sensation in an area of contact with a seating system.
  • History of, or currently suffering from, pressure ulcers on an area of contact with a seating surface.

We have a team of seating experts with a wealth of knowledge who will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and requirements to ensure that your seat is exactly right for you.

All custom-made seating systems start their design from the shape and individual requirements of each client. A mould is taken of the client at the assessment.

We currently provide seating systems to both NHS Wheelchair Services and private clients so if you would like to find out more about how a custom seat could benefit you, get in touch today!

Arrange a home visit with a friendly member of our team today!