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The Consolor Carved Foam Seating System (CFSS) is a completely bespoke product that is built entirely around the client’s individual needs, providing the ultimate in pressure relief, support and positioning. CFSS are suitable for all age ranges and is particularly effective for clients with acute postural needs.

Benefits of CFSS

  • Different types or combinations of foam can be used to provide the required levels of pressure relief and support
  • Minor adjustments can be made if necessary by cutting or adding foam where appropriate
  • The backrest and base cushion are separate to each other enabling adjustments to the angle and position. This also makes any future alterations or replacements easier as only one part may need to be removed
  • The contours of the seat are not visible from the outside so any postural asymmetry is hidden
  • Easily removable covers in a range of colours and insulating material
  • Can be put onto most wheelbases and is easily removable from the wheelchair
  • Low on maintenance requirements
  • A range of accompanying accessories are also available to meet any additional requirements, including trays, foot boxes, headrests and postural harnesses

How it’s made…

The Consolor Carved Foam Seating System is manufactured using a purpose built routing machine. A stylus is traced over the inside surface of the moulding bag or plaster cast of the client, created during the moulding process of the assessment while a cutting tool follows the same path as the stylus, the shape is copied into a block of foam. Different types and combinations of foam can be used, to suit the specific requirements of the client. A plastic shell is moulded around the foam in order that it holds its shape. The seat has a padded upholstery cover, which is tailored specifically to the individual shape of the seat. The cover is easily removed for cleaning purposes.