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Both the Delfi and Sharky comes equipped with a flex-joint to counteract spasticity to offer a dynamic sitting. Rigid supports are needed to create a functional seated position. Dynamic supports offer controlled movement, variation, and dampen the effects of extension spasticity.

At Consolor we have the ability to combine our dynamic off the shelf seating with our custom contoured seating. We can build any of our custom contoured seating systems around the seat frame of a Delfi Pro or Sharky to give a truly bespoke contoured seating surface with the tried and tested frame of these standard seats to help absorb extensor thrust in clients with high tone.

Another feature we have is the flex joint which when fitted to a specially adapted moulded seating system allows the back support of the moulded seat to flex in order to help absorb extensor thrusts and also to just allow the client a degree of controlled movement.

Main features of the Delfi Pro:

  •  Available in three sizes
  • No tools required for back and armrest adjustments
  • Abduction/Adduction/Windswept for an optimum fit
  • Easily adjustable back with three levels of support
  • Crash tested and approved


During the first 12 months, children develop at an extreme rate. With regards to sitting, most of the basic motor skills are established during this time. If the normal process of development does not take place, early intervention is critical at this stage to prevent further problems.

Following years of research and development with special seating, this seating system has been successfully created to provide clients with the postural stability required at an early age. This is essential to prevent further musculo-skeletal complications at a later stage.

The Delfi Pro has been designed specifically for children with fluctuating tone and particularly active extensor tone. It can accommodate children with a variety of musculo-skeletal deformities such as Kypho-scoliosis, Posterior pelvic tilt and hip subluxation. The Delfi Pro is suitable for children from approximately 8 months to 10 years.

With the Delfi Pro there is an option to provide additional dynamism as it is manufactured in plastic that is not completely rigid but allows certain movement when in a seated position. The seats are equipped with a special ”flex-joint” in the back, which creates additional dynamism and is an effective way of absorbing and reducing any active extensor tone and/or spasticity.

“The seat grows with the child”

The Delfi Pro is easily adapted and adjusted to meet the advanced and when necessary, growing needs of the user. The back can be angled and adjusted in height and the leg pieces can be adjusted to accommodate independent hip abduction or adduction, as well as leg length discrepancies. With these adjustments we can create an optimal seating position as well as allowing the seat to grow with the child to achieve and maintain an optimal seated position.

Product video


The Sharky is available in two sizes and has been developed for adult and heavy users with complex seating issues and advanced needs for adjustment possibilities.

The adjustable back includes a three-way lateral support to help improve postural control, lessening deformity and enabling the possibility of achieving a higher level of activity.

An integrated seat pocket helps facilitate activity, postural control and reduces shear whilst the adjustable leg parts ensures seat depth, adduction and abduction are all seamlessly and precisely adjusted. The Sharky’s seat depth can be adjusted up to 10cm ensuring the most precise fit and allowing you to create an open hip angle.

Like the Delfi, the Sharky’s many adjustment possibilities allows the seat to ‘grow with the user’ so the optimal seated position can be achieved and maintained.

Main features of the Sharky Pro:

  • Three points of pelvis support
  • Multi-functional armrest with many adjustment possibilities
  • Two types of lining, standard and Alcantara, both of which are washable in 60°
  • Headrest with three adjustable angles
  • Integrated lumbar support in the back
  • Only a single allen key is required for most adjustments and this is included in the metal back profile
  • Fully crash tested and approved

Product video