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Powered and Manual wheelchairs, Consolor

Founded in 2006 by Simon Keeling and Kieran Cheer, Consolor was born through a desire to provide the best possible seating, mobility systems and other rehabilitation products, with a service to match.

Both Simon and Kieran have a wealth of experience within the industry – with over forty years between them, they understand the importance of providing comfort as well as independence in the day-to-day lives of their customers.

The safety, comfort and quality of our clients’ lives are of the utmost importance and are considered to be the most essential aspects in the provision of all of our products and services.

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, Consolor provides posture, seating and mobility assessment services to NHS wheelchair services and private clients across the UK.

If you or your client has a postural seating problem, our dedicated team of clinical seating specialists and the extensive range of seating solutions we offer ensure that we can provide you with expert advice on the most appropriate seating solution tailored to your individual needs.

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