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Consolor can supply wheelchairs from all major manufacturers. This enables us to be unbiased in recommending the best wheelchair to compliment you and your seating. It also means that we can supply your seat and wheelbase together and set it up just how you need it, in the shortest time possible! Each wheelbase has its individual benefits, and we will always recommend a system that will improve comfort and accessibility and cater to specific requirements.

Consolor can also supply wheelbases with standard seating options, as well as with Consolor seating fitted.

We show just a selection here but cover all areas: Paediatric, Passive, Low Active, Medium Active, Lightweight Active and Sports.

Consolor, specialists in seating and mobility


A great choice of wheelbase for special or custom seating. Its sturdy, strong and stable frame and accessories, offer tilt in space and can be easily adapted to your special requirements.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor


A popular wheelbase for seating and a wheelchair in its own right. Great for the around the town and off road.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor


Probably the lightest weight tilt in space wheelchair with 55 degrees tilt function. Very configurable and a wide range of colours.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Action 4

A range of different models offer flexibility in options available. Easily foldable for transportation and is highly configurable for good looks and function, which provides great performance.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Rea Azalea

Easily adjusted and adaptable to your changing condition and requirements. A good base for special seating or it does have its own range of adaptable seating options and accessories.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Xenon2 SA

The lightest folding wheelchair in the world. Great function with style usually saved for the rigid active wheelchair. It also has the most compact folded dimensions for transporting in your car.

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