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Clozitt Shower and Toilet Seat

The Clozitt shower and toilet seat is the most adjustable hygiene seat on the market, it provides unrivalled support and comfort for the client.

  • The Clozitt provides correct positioning and support for the client’s trunk with the angle, width and height adjustable thoracic supports.
  • The back angle can easily accommodate nearly all postural positions for maximum comfort and correct anatomical positioning, as it can be adjusted in angle from 80° to 150°.
  • Pressure reducing lining covers the whole seat surface for maximum comfort and support.
  • Many leg and pelvic positions can be accommodated as the leg supports are separately adjusted and allow abduction, adduction and windswept leg positions as well as accommodating leg length discrepancy.

Like all Consolor’s products the Clozitt is able to be totally customised for the individuals requirements and if the your needs are even greater then we can always mould you a totally custom-made seat for use in the bathroom.

If you’d like an assessment or more information then please contact us today.


Custom Contoured Hygiene Seat

Specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our clients, the custom contoured hygiene seat offers excellent posture support and pressure distribution whilst maintaining the highest levels of comfort and hygiene.

How does it work?

  • An assessment is carried out in order to determine the client’s physical, social and environmental needs and to ensure the hygiene seat will meet all of the outlined needs.
  • The client’s mould is taken using a beanbag and a 3D scanner. The digital image is then sent to our factory where the shape is carved using foam.
  • Our advanced technology means that once a client’s shape is captured, and providing no changes to the client’s body shape occurs, we can use the scanned image to create a range of products, including a custom contoured seating system and a lying support.