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All our seating systems can be fitted to frames with four castors and height and angle adjustment, in order to provide the most practical chassis for use in an indoor environment.

Delfi Pro on High Low base in classroom


Manoeuvrable –
easy to move around the classroom.

Height adjustable
get down level with your peers to work at the same table as them.

Angle adjustable
whether it’s for tilt in space and change of position or to be tilted forward to adopt a more functional position for working at a table or computer.

Consolor cushion V Track

Work and Office

Manoeuvrable –
ease of mobility around an office environment, with the correct selection of powered wheelchair.

Height adjustable –
to be at your desk at the optimum height but also to be able to get to those shelves for filing and most importantly make that cup of tea in the kitchen!

Angle adjustable
tilt in space for change of position and pressure relief during the working day or to be tilted forward to be in a more functional position for working at your desk or computer.