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The Consolor Hybrid Seating System can be any combination of the seating systems available from Consolor Ltd. In order to meet the specific needs of clients, sometimes it is more appropriate to use an amalgamation of different seats with different functions and features. For example the ideal seat might be a carved foam cushion with a matrix back support. The exact choice of seat can be decided after the moulding process.

Some examples of a Consolor Hybrid seat are:

  • Carved foam cushion with a Matrix back support
  • Matrix backrest with a carved foam seat cushion
  • Lynx back support with a Vi cushion
  • Carved foam back support in a Sharky dynamic seat
  • MaTRx Elite back with swing away thoracic supports and a carved seat base cushion.

We can also fit contoured cushions into a clients existing seating system, if they are requiring more support than they did when the seat was initially supplied.

Additionally, we are able to manufacture seats around other specialised products such as gel or air cushions.

Click here to see our Hybrid Seating System product brochure or go to our Documents page to download.