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Ergobaum crutches are designed to help reduce patient’s need for cushions under the armpit, rubber grips on the handles or gloves to diminish pressure on the palms of the hands frequently experienced with conventional crutches.

Adjustable Cushion Grip

Contains shock absorbers, which helps the user avoid carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Wrist Tendon Subluxation.The grip is covered in a state of the art rubber, which provides for a non-slip surface.

2012 New Patented Shoe Design

Unique design provides traction throughout the gait and includes stabilizing “wings” for better grip on uneven surfaces. This patented shoe can also be retrofitted to standard crutches and canes.

Built-In Knee Platform

Allows user to comfortably rest the knee on the platform while standing. Especially useful for lower leg traumas such as ankle or foot injuries.

Ergobaum’s state-of-the-art crutches can help patients in:

Accelerating recovery

Improving wrist support/tolerance

Relieving pressure on the shoulder and elbow through the crutch's impact reducing shock absorbers

Ergobaum crutches are mad from medical-grade aluminium and are able to accommodate patients of all sizes

The shock absorber support shoe cap at 30 deg. allows for anatomical motion and helps to minimise sliding on wet surfaces

The Night Lite and Panic/Help Button aid patients in navigating poorly lit areas and provide a ready call-for-assistance if necessary

Recommended user weight is up to 300lbs or 136kg for a single crutch.
Recommended user height is between approximately 4’2″ to 6’7″ or 127cm to 200cm.

Kid’s Crutch

The Ergobaum crutch is also available in children’s sizes, and is available as a pair in both pink and blue.

The Ergobaum child’s crutch is designed for children under approximately 4’2″/127cm, from ages 8-12 years.

Consolor crutch

Tucane is an advanced walking aid that emulates a third hip. This new innovative concept substitutes a conventional cane. It helps the user to walk in a correct straight and comfortable way by reducing and avoiding back pain as a result of wrong posture.

When you walk, Tucane will move forward with your leg while you advance. You can adjust it to your exact height. The Tucane cap will automatically adjust while walking, simulating the ankle joint.

The soft-rubber handle and shock-absorbing design reduces the impact of the different anatomical structures of the hand, elbow and shoulder, preventing inflammation of the joints.

It also helps correct posture during gait and prevents the sliding of the feet over the floor. The design of the neck on the Tucane reduces the vibration and impact against the ground that transmits to the hands, elbows and shoulders, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as Bursitis of the shoulder and elbow. Tucane is without doubt the most advanced mobile aid system available on the market. It has even been featured on Able magazine’s Product of the Day feature: http://ablemagazine.co.uk/product-day-tucane/

Tucane joint

How Tucane Works

Tucane’s design mimics the human’s natural hip movement.

Yellow and blue halos represent the main support, which mimics the trochanters in the human anatomy.

In orange, the second support represented by the neck of the femur and a third rotated support, the handle, that mimics the head of the femur.

The Tucane is available in two colour options: Grey/Black and all Black.

Tucane is also available in three sizes, for user height:

– Small: user height 4’8” to 5’2”

– Medium: user height 5’3” to 6’0”

– Large: user height 6’1” to 6’7”

***Please note, we currently do not have any large Tucanes in stock***

Sold as a single item.


  • The Ergocap is a unique crutch tip that emulates the human ankle.
  • Provides a more safe, stable, and comfortable walk on crutches and canes.
  • Made of anti-slip, long-lasting rubber, with special stabilisation wings.

The Ergocap is a universal crutch tip (ferrule), which can be applied to any standard crutch. The Ergocap has been designed to emulate the ankle joints, it bends and adjusts to the ground at virtually any angle to provide the user with a proper gait while maintaining proper posture.

The Ergocap comes in two versions: Ultralite which takes some weight off the crutch and is smaller in size, and High Performance for bigger individuals who require more stability at all angles of walking.

Ergocap dimensions:

Ergocap High Performance: 80mm wide, 88mm high.

Ergocap Ultralite: 60mm wide, 76mm high.

Note: width is measured between the two furthest points on the wings, height is measure from the highest point to the flat bottom surface.

Ergocap Consolor


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