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Consolor can supply wheelchairs from all major manufacturers. This enables us to be unbiased in recommending the best wheelchair to compliment you and your seating. It also means that we can supply your seat and wheelbase together and set it up just how you need it, in the shortest time possible! Each wheelbase has its individual benefits, and we will always recommend a system that will improve comfort and accessibility and cater to specific requirements.

Consolor can also supply wheelbases with standard seating options, as well as with Consolor seating fitted.

We show just a selection here but cover all areas: Paediatric, Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor/Indoor, Outdoor, Rear/Front or Mid Wheel Drive wheelchairs.

Moulded wheelchairs Bournemouth

Salsa M2

Prices from £4795

Next evolution in performance for powered wheelchairs. Compact turning circle maximises manoeuvrability for tight indoor spaces, as well as providing outstanding performance outdoors. Stylish and sleek with lower than ever seat to floor height for getting under your favourite restaurant table.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Storm 4

Prices from £5250

The bench mark in powered wheelchairs. Satisfies even the most demanding and heavy duty of users. Highly configurable and adaptable offering optimal functionality. Stylish and a pleasure to drive with its front arms and rear suspension for consistently good traction.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Jive Up standing wheelchair

Prices from £15500

Combines indoor agility and high outdoor performance with its spidertrac suspension. Its multi function seat provides seated and standing positions allowing you to be more functional in your physiology and environment.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Jive R2

Prices from £5500

High end powered performance, offering great adaptability. Impressive indoors but with excellent outdoor performance. Very durable and stable base for maximum control, with powerful motors achieving up to 13kph.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Spectra XTR2

Prices from £3672

The UK’s best selling powered wheelchair combines comfort with driving performance. Unique suspension and the high performance motors provide a smooth and easy ride.

Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Consolor

Pronto M41 Modulite

Prices from £3186

Compact and versatile for mobility everyday indoors. Built on a compact mid wheel drive base for easy maneuverability in most environments.

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