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A wheelchair but not as you know it

Trekinetic K2 – lightweight manual wheelchair

Three Wheels are better than four – Did you know that a three-sided structure is stronger than a four-sided structure? This is because the force is better distributed across all sides. Our three-wheel drive system ensures your body weight is distributed evenly across all wheels, improving both stability and traction, especially on uneven surfaces.

Trekinetic GTE – A Power, but not as you know it – The GTE’s power comes directly from two 24V 120W motors in the front wheels, delivering up to 6 km/h – making it perfect for use on pavements or any other type of terrain. This also means that removing the wheels reduces the weight of the main seat so you can load it into a vehicle one piece at a time. The GTE power chair is one of the only all-terrain power chairs on the market that can also be operated as a manual chair. Simply flip the levers beside the front wheels to change from power to manual and back again.

All Terrain by Design – Putting the big wheels at the front allows the Trekinetic K2 and GTE to cope with pretty much any terrain you can throw at it, be it on or off-road. It’s perfectly at home over mud, sand, snow and gravel, but is also versatile enough to use around town making light work of cobbles and cracked pavements. This means less time staring at the floor and more time enjoying the view.

Better Propulsion – Trekinetic’s front wheel drive system also means that the user’s back is fully supported when pushing. This means you don’t have to push as hard to create the same force to propel forward. Just like a weightlifter, it’s easier when your back is fully supported.

Engineered for Versatility – Off-road stability requires a wider wheelbase. Indoor practicality requires a narrow wheelbase. Our patented Varicam system allows you to change the angle of the wheels by simply turning a bar under the seat. 0-16 degrees in 10 seconds. Zero tools required.

A Comfortable Ride – Trekinetic’s patented rear shock absorber ensures a smooth ride every time, by soaking up any uncomfortable cobbles, cracks, lumps and bumps you might encounter on your journey.

Shock Absorber / Tilt Function – Our unique shock absorber also acts as a tilt in space mechanism to alter the angle of the seat and change the weight distribution in the chair. This is particularly useful when going downhill.

Carbon Fibre is the new Black – Like most modern vehicles, Trekinetic has done away with the traditional metal chassis and replaced it with a super lightweight carbon fibre monocoque chassis. This reduces the weight of the chair, whilst keeping it strong and results in a seat that more closely resembles the human form. This typically means less padding and more support.

Dynamic Braking System – Our unique dynamic braking system means you can slow, stop or even turn the chair without so much as touching the wheels. It can also be used as a parking brake for when you want to get in or out of the chair.

Easy to Transport – The K2 was designed to fold down and fit into a small vehicle with minimal effort. The front wheels come off with the simple click of a button and the rear castor folds down behind the seat.

For those that need to stay in the chair whilst in a vehicle, the Trekinetic K2 is crash tested to ISO 7176-19 when using the Trekinetic 5-Point Vehicle Restraint System.

Consolor is partnered with Trekinetic to supply the K2 and GTE

We can supply the Trekinetic with its standard seating components, or we can offer it with our custom-contoured seating, for which Consolor is so well known.

Consolor have successfully combined our carved foam seating into the Trekinetic wheelchairs in order to provide a fully supportive and comfortable mobility system,  which is enabling people to access the outdoors.

Please get in touch to find out more about the Trekinetic or to book a demonstration with one of our clinicians.