When it comes to finding specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth, you need help from the experts at Consolor. We use a combination of superior knowledge and modern technology to assess the unique needs of each of our clients. This in turn ensures that you receive the very best specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth for you. Get in touch with us today by calling 01202 827650.

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Introducing our Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs

We are the number one company for specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth, as we use every single piece of information about both your disability and your lifestyle to find the perfect wheelchair for you.

The specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth that feature in our collections have been chosen to meet all different requirements. We understand that the postural implications of a disability are never the same for any two people and every client of ours is treated as their own individual person, ensuring that they are exposed to the very best Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs for them.

We have extensive ranges of both manual and powered wheelchairs, so we’re sure to have options that will help to improve your posture and comfort, in addition to facilitating your lifestyle.

Find out more about our manual and powered wheelchairs below.

Manual wheelchairs

Finding the balance between comfort and purpose is key when sourcing the best specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth has to offer.  When it comes to manual wheelchairs, we’ve sourced incredible options that offer both facilitation for self-propelling and mobility assistance.

Our Consolor brochure contains a range of manual wheelchairs that have been manufactured to meet certain specifications, which include:

  • Paediatric  Specialist Wheelchairs Bournemouth
  • Passive
  • Low Active
  • Medium Active
  • Lightweight Active
  • Sports

Below we’ve given you a couple of examples of the manual wheelchairs that we have in stock:


The Discovery is sturdy and strong, providing the perfect base for a customised seat and additional accessories. Priced from £1000, its middle price range makes it a fantastic investment, as the quality you will experience from these specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth is unrivalled.

Xenon2 SA

For the active ones out there, the Xenon2 SA provides the perfect solution. Its rigid sporting frame combined with light-folding action for transportation makes it one of the best Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs for those who like to get out and about doing what they love.

Take a look at our Product and Accessory Catalogue to view our full range

Powered wheelchairs

We want our powered wheelchairs to give our users a new level of independency. Many of our powered wheelchairs feature incredibly innovative design features, making them great specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth. For example, those who like to lead an active lifestyle and want to get out and about more can benefit from the following chairs:

Jive R2

A combination of sturdy wheels and high-end motor power performance makes this chair perfect for those looking for Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs for active lifestyles. Its stable and durable base provides stability even when the motor is being pushed to the max speed of 13kmph.

Jive UP

The second in our Jive collection is one of the only specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth has to offer that assists you in standing. That’s not the only trick up its sleeve- its spidertrac suspension and multi-function seat makes it the must-have for those who what to get the most out of their environment.

Click here to view our complete collection.

Specialist seating

When you’re purchasing specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth, it pays to invest in custom seating which is moulded specifically to the form of your body. Custom seating counteracts your heaviest pressure points making sitting more comfortable, which in turn means you can get more enjoyment out of your favourite activities and hobbies.

When you come in to see the Consolor specialists regarding custom seating for your Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs, our experts will want to know all about your lifestyle and what differences you want to experience with your new custom seat.

In addition to making sure your physical, social and environmental needs are catered for, they’ll perform a physical assessment to determine your ideal seating posture.
Specialist Wheelchairs Bournemouth

They’ll use a combination of this information with computer technology to create the perfect impression of your body.  The computer technology involves using a bean bag to achieve a negative imprint of your seating position. It will pressure map the prominent bones and high pressure points, ensuring that these are well attended to in the structure of the seat.

From the imprint, they’ll use a laser to transfer the data to a 3D computer programme, from which a life-size model can be produced.  The specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth team will then get started in crafting your perfect seat.

You can find out more about our assessment process here

We can also supply:

Why should you choose our specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth?

Consolor have been providing the disabled community with specialist wheelchairs in Bournemouth for over 10 years. In that time, our professional wheelchair specialists have established a reputation for supplying expert advice and assistance for those in need of Bournemouth specialist wheelchairs and seating. In fact, our services are widely used by the NHS and other private health organisations.

Our team have a profound knowledge of a huge range of disabilities, and understand the fundamental mobility and postural implications of each one. Our clinical seating specialists possess the skill and the knowledge to be able to create custom and fitted seating like no other, helping to improve the lives of thousands of people.

We invite you to come and meet the team at any of the exhibitions that we attend up and down the country, or arrange to come and see us at our premises in Bournemouth.

What other products can we supply?

We stock a huge range of products which are designed to improve and facilitate the livelihoods of those living with disabilities. In addition to supplying the largest selection of specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth has to offer, we can also help with:

  • Hygiene seating
  • Lying supports
  • Education and work
  • Flurve armchairs
  • Dining and playing

Contact Us

So, if you’re looking for the best specialist wheelchairs Bournemouth for you, or need help with custom seating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Consolor today.

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