Here is some feedback from the father of a young man who came over from New York recently, for us to make him a custom made seat and wheelchair, from assessment to delivery in 4 days…
Shalom has used his new chair for nearly 4 months, and I’d like to thank you again for your expertise in providing Shalom with a terrific chair.
Shalom’s quality of life has improved, as the chair is easier to manoeuvre and we are able to take him out on many outings which he enjoys. Last month our extended family travelled to Orlando’s Disney World and Shalom had a lovely vacation.
He is very comfortable, and is seated more upright than ever before, without props and guides and attachments.
Your assessment of the headrest was on target and he is mostly very comfortable with that as well. It is so nice that the headrest offers gentle support and does not restrict his movement.
We are continuing to work with Dalia on positioning and we hope to improve Shalom’s spinal curvature. We hope that Shalom will meet you again and benefit from your great knowledge and talent.
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Margaret wrote about her husband’s seat and tray…
I felt I must write to tell you what a difference you have made to my partner’s quality of life with the adaptations you have made for his wheelchair. For the first time in 18 months, he is able to enjoy eating and drinking sitting upright in the chair, thanks to this brilliant tray which you have made to fit over the front!
Before this he had to eat and drink in the reclining position with the plate perched on his chest…not good for the digestion! The moulded insert for the chair itself gives really good support for his head and neck.
Your two members of staff we met were excellent to work with – most pleasant and helpful. All this has been a very positive experience for us and we are both very grateful.
Glen on his new power wheelchair and carved foam seat…
“My wheelchair is fantastic and I could not be happier with it. I just want to say a big thank you to everybody at Consolor for the excellent service you have provided yet again.
Consolor really understood my needs and what I wanted from a chair. I took my chair around a large shopping centre and it handles like a dream!”
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Alex wrote about his new Sharky Pro…
I have had the Sharky Pro for two weeks now and I have honestly never felt better. For the first time ever, I am able to sit upright with minimal effort and perform many tasks which I have never been able to before. I am also told that I look far less disabled. Thank you Consolor for changing my life for the better!
What Megan’s dad Barry had to say about his daughter’s custom contoured seat…
“We recently purchased an off-road wheelchair from the US. Whilst the chassis and wheels exceeded every expectation, the seating system was basic and we found it difficult to get Megan, who has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, comfortable.
After a meeting with Kieran, he was able to produce a seating framework to utilise a bespoke moulded seat enabling us to seat Megan with ease, comfort and confidence. With the assistance of Consolor, there is no longer anywhere inaccessible to us!”
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Heather’s mum wrote about Heather’s new carved foam seat…
“Heather is a young lady with profound disabilities, including athetoid cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and epilepsy. Corrective surgery to her spine has not been an option for her, so it is important to achieve as much correction as possible using supportive seating.
Heather’s scoliosis is regularly monitored, and since using her Consolor Seating System x-rays have shown an improvement in the angle of her spinal curve. She is relaxed, happy, and obviously comfortable in her chair.
It is a pleasure to deal with the staff at Consolor, who are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly; and it is agreed by those responsible for Heather’s orthopaedic care that her Consolor seating system is the best for her.”
What George, a university student said about his custom-made carved foam cushion and matrix back support…
“I have to say how absolutely brilliant it is, it’s improved my posture massively and I’m so much more comfortable. In particular, it’s made a huge difference when I get chesty; whenever I had a bad cold I used to have to get out of the chair because I’d get very short of breath on my right side, now I’m sat upright properly that problem has disappeared completely and I’ve found it much easier to get over colds as a result. It really is vastly better than my old seat.”
“I had NO IDEA that I was missing out on anything until I got this new seat; I’d only asked for an assessment because I was starting to get a pressure sore where the old seat was wearing out. I’m really glad I did because this new seat has been a revelation. The biggest thing is my breathing, which I mentioned before, but there’s other stuff as well: The range of movement in my hands has increased because I’m sat upright so I can type much faster (and I wasn’t slow before).
Swallowing chunkier bits of food is far easier in my new position because the ‘kink’ in my neck is reduced considerably making eating less time consuming. I can also eat some foods I haven’t eaten in ages. I just look ‘better’ as well, I swear being sat upright has given me a bit of extra height and my posture just seems more natural.”
“People should seriously consider having regular seating assessments; if it hadn’t been for that pressure sore I started to get I never would have bothered asking for one and would have missed out hugely as a result.”
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Max’s mum Louise wrote about the Delfi Pro…
“Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the new buggy. We took Max out after you left and he seemed even more happy than usual so I think it gets a big thumbs up from him too!
I think it’s easier to push than the last one and only marginally bigger so all in all it’s been a great purchase. I would thoroughly recommend it.
Thanks again for all your time and help”