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We had a fun Friday morning at Consolor HQ as we put on our best baking hats in aid of The Stroke Association.

With the theme of Make May Purple, we attempted to create some purple-inspired cakes, including a Victoria sponge with bright purple frosting and some lovely little cupcakes. We also, of course, had blueberry muffins and who could forget the chocolate brownies (they weren’t very purple but they were still delicious!).

Whilst it was the girls in the office who brought in the cakes, the whole team joined in by wearing purple, including some rather bright headbands.

Stroke Association is the leading charity in the UK changing the world for people affected by stroke.

Every year there are about 152,000 strokes in the UK. Thanks to improvements to stroke care you are twice as likely to survive a stroke than 20 years ago, however stroke remains the UK’s third biggest killer.

To find out more about Stroke Association visit their website:

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