Are you looking for a top of the range motorised wheelchair? Consolor can provide the best possible mobility systems for you. Our specialist team can assess your postural seating and mobility requirements to find the perfect Bournemouth motorised wheelchair that has optimum comfort and accessibility to improve your day-to-day life.

Our Bournemouth motorised wheelchair service

Consolor works with many NHS wheelchair services, charities and private clients. All of our motorised wheelchair Bournemouth Motorised wheelchair Bournemouthcustomers will receive a truly personal customer experience. We will offer a full assessment and assistance in choosing the most suited product for you, or if necessary, a custom-made mobility system.  We supply wheelchairs from a number of large manufacturers, and our staff will be happy to give honest and impartial advice about which motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth is best for you.

We know that comfort and accessibility are key. When you choose Consolor for your motorised wheelchair Bournemouth needs, we will choose the right chair for you and set it up to your requirements so that you can start to experience your new high-tech mobility system as soon as possible.

We supply a number of different types of motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth for different people’s needs. Some of the options we have available include:

  • Paediatric
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Rear/front
  • Mid-wheel drive

To find out what Bournemouth motorised wheelchair you would benefit most from, book an assessment with us.

The assessment for a motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth

A highly-qualified professional will first need to gain an understanding of your physical, environmental and social needs via a seating assessment. They will carry out an examination to determine the best posture for you and allow you to sample the most suited motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth. If necessary, we also have the most efficient service for a custom motorised wheelchair Bournemouth has to offer. The specialists will take an impression from our moulding machine and use 3D printing technology to create a bespoke mobility system that targets all the right pressure points for optimum comfort.

Our custom made motorised wheelchair Bournemouth

Our Bournemouth motorised wheelchair experts use state-of-the art technology combined with bespoke software to create a chair that gives you ultimate mobility and comfort. At Consolor, we are the largest supplier and manufacturer for bespoke seating systems in the UK. Clients who have postural asymmetries, hypertonia or suffer from pressure ulcers are just a few of those who can benefit immensely from our custom-made Bournemouth motorised wheelchair service. This service is available to both NHS and private clients, so to find out more click here.

Other types of motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth

Consolor have a huge range motorised wheelchair Bournemouth options so we guarantee you will find something to suit your requirements. As well as our range of powered wheelchairs, we also have an extensive selection of other chairs and accessories including:

When you choose Consolor, our dedicated team work hard to understand what it is you want and need from our Bournemouth motorised wheelchair products, so that you can go away feeling confident and happy. You can download full catalogues of our different products here.

Reasons to choose our motorised wheelchair Bournemouth service

Consolor was founded in 2006 with the aim to provide top quality products and a service to match. Our goal is to continue working to make life-changing improvements for all of our customers through our motorised wheelchair Bournemouth products. Take a look at how we have changed the lives of many of our customers by reading our testimonials.

We often appear at exhibitions throughout the UK to demonstrate our new lines of motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth, and these are always a great opportunity to come and find out all you need to know about the latest technology in the mobility systems market. Check our exhibition dates here.

Consolor truly believes we can make a difference and should you have any queries at all about purchasing a motorised wheelchair in Bournemouth, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. In the meantime, if you are still unsure if our products are right for you, check out our wonderful success stories.

“I have had the Sharky Pro for two weeks now and I have honestly never felt better. For the first time ever, I am able to sit upright with minimal effort and perform many tasks which I have never been able to before. I am also told that I look far less disabled. Thank you Consolor for changing my life for the better!”

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